Arlington Estate has designed a show house with a modern contemporary look and feel whilst keeping in mind the traditionalism and aspirations of the
Zimbabwean family market.

With this house we hope to inspire and create a vision of the Arlington Estate Lifestyle.


The Developers have created a show house that is sophisticated, prevalent and yet affordable, in doing so, the vision is to then share the sophistication and affordability to Arlington Stand Owners by having the plans available to purchase, at a fraction of the normal cost for plans of this quality.

The complete Architectural Design is available exclusively to Arlington Purchaser’s for $1,000 and will include the full set of plans required for submission to the City of Harare Hatfield District Office, which are accompanied by a dimensioned plan with room tiles, basic descriptions, sewer layout, a site plan showing the houses approximate position on the specified site with its boundary lines and tank connection. The Developers architect will also provide elevations (views of the building from north, south,east and west angles) with brief annotations describing materials to be used as well as section drawings

Plans purchased from the Developer’s Architect, will be accompanied by Stage 1 pre-approval from the Arlington Home Owners Architectural Review Committee, foreshortening submission timelines and costs.

Arlington plans have been designed in a way to accommodate budgets and therefore allowing modular building, giving the Home Owner the freedom to build what is affordable at the moment and having a comfortable functional living space while ultimately attaining the complete house. Families can build their core home for immediate use and expand it in a gracious and complimentary basis as the means arise.


The Architect

Bruce Rowlands is an award winning Harare-based registered architect, who in this design brief has embraced the delicate balance of presenting not only a house to aspire to, but also a home that reflects an owner’s lifestyle and status.

For further examples of Bruce’s work, please visit his Facebook page


Arlington has confidently selected premium suppliers who we believe contribute to building the vision of Arlington Life Style and the quality we believe our home owners express.
Arlington Home Owners, on purchase of a stand within the Estate shall be entitled to exclusive discounts and savings provided by Arlington Suppliers. This ranges from free advice, free consultations and discounts of up to 20%.