Architectural Guidelines


To protect the attractiveness of the Estate, we have various safeguards in place to ensure that a neighbour cannot build a house that is completely out of character with the other homes on the Estate.

The Arlington Estate design, building and maintenance guidelines and controls will be managed through The Arlington Estate Management Committee, which will appoint a representative to the Architectural Committee. In addition the Architectural Committee includes a Developers’ representative architect and a professional, independent architect to nurture the standards desired for Arlington Estate.

Many Estates have fixed architectural styles. These are comforting but can become tiresome and predictable. Alternatively, they have little or no regulation at all, meaning that they lack character and orderliness; which in turn diminishes the value of the properties.

The Arlington Estate approach is to set design parameters which are wide enough to promote individualism in the architecture, landscaping and other areas but will not be so loose as to sacrifice a sense of orderliness or cause a loss of theme.

Architectural Review Process

The design review process is separated into two stages, followed by a Final Inspection upon completion of the completed build, which if approved then grants a Final AC Approval.

Stage One Review notes the layout, architectural design, roof, swimming pools, driveways, roof fixtures, boundary enclosures, street design and landscaping.

Stage One Review submission is required prior to submission to the Local Authority.

The Stage Two Finishes and Fixtures notes the finishes of the build are in compliance with the AC Guidelines.

Stage Two Review may be submitted, if all details are finalised, simultaneously with Stage One, alternatively, it is required to be submitted when the build has reached roof level.

Please note, in order to receive approvals, payments need to be up to date with the Developer, in terms of current instalments, endowment and rates.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact the Arlington Head Office here.